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Our Philosophy
A philosophy statement is important as it reflects the beliefs and goals of the Day Care Center and its Staff. It is an essential tool that we use to appoint new Staff, enroll new Families, produce informative pamphlets and newsletters, and maintain a strong course of direction.

Our philosophy provides us with a reliable framework that is helpful in developing, evaluating, and supporting the Center’s curriculum and policies. It is what guides our teaching and overall approach to children.

At Kinder House Day Care we believe that children learn best when Early Childhood Educators, Parents, and the Community work together to provide for and meet the children’s needs. Our goals are:
  • To provide a safe, loving, and nurturing environment for all the children. We strive to provide the opportunity to learn through play as well as structured cognitive learning time.
  • To ensure that the children’s basic needs will be met on a daily basis through exploration and manipulation of their environment.
  • To respect each child as a unique individual in his/her development. In our program, we strive to help each child develop intellectually, physically, emotionally, creatively, and socially to their individual potential.
(October 2010)
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